The ultimate journey, says the wise man, is to travel far beyond the torments of the world to discover its beauties, one by one.

The “ABSOLUS D’ORIENT” are like three tales. Three enigmatic and desirable tales that could begin with “Once upon a time…”.

After Santal Royal and Oud Essentiel, Guerlain Master Perfumer Thierry Wasserdreamt of MUSC NOBLE, a tempting fragrance that becomes one with skin, before writing its stirring composition.

The sensual hero of this fable: mysterious, warm and powdery MUSK haloed in a sensual breath of deep ROSE, the spicy, leath er-tinged effect of SAFFRON and the verticality of CEDAR wood, which elevates this fragrance to the apex of emotion.
Everything comes together in this story of precise seduction: the intensity of the note, generous sensuality, the exquisite whirl of the unknown, absolute luxury, and the boldness of tradition.