What’s the secret of those girls whose complexion always looks Beautiful, as if they had just returned from a long weekend?

There’s one main answer answer: The Bronzing Powder
And most recognized and efficient one is the Terracotta from Guerlain.

Now, Guerlain is going even further with its new terracotta light, so no matter what’s the season, we can all have our lighter version.

And for those who prefer to sport a tanned Complexion as soon as spring arrives, the classic
Terracotta powder is a vital ally to warm up the Complexion all day long.

Terracotta light is adorned with pink and coral rays which create a fresher complexion and more vibrant skin. This perfect balance comes in six harmonies to beautifully enhance every type of beauty.

Infused at the heart of the powder, a cocktail of antioxidant active ingredients, vitamins and energising minerals helps skin protect itself against free radicals and pollution* and delivers long-lasting comfort.
Glowing with vitality, so your complexion is still very radiant.

Worth noting: Terracotta Rêve d’été comes in two shades to imitate a natural healthy glow as closely as possible: a caramel shade dedicated to Fair skin and a gingerbread shade for darker skin tones.

Application tips: apply on its own or on top of your everyday skincare.
Place a small amount of the formula in the palm of your hand and apply to your face, smoothing from the centre outwards.

And for those who prefer to sport a tanned complexion as soon as spring arrives, the classic Terracotta powder is definitely a vital ally to warm up your skin all day long.