Declare your style and turn your makeup into a fashion statement with the holographic and colourful radiance of the Morning Love collection. Bathed in iridescent light and tender, luminous pastels, the face shows off its flair and character.

A must-have this season, the Météorites Highlighter Duo unites holographic pink and lilac, which perfectly capture the light and create a fresh and easy-to-use strobing effect. This surprising ultra-fine powder becomes creamy under the fingertips, blending over curves of the face with a delicate and refined touch.

With its eyeshadow and brow powder, the Coloured Kit wows us, while remaining extremely elegant. The illuminating base preps and lights up the gaze. The plum powder duo intensifies eyes without weighing them down and dresses up brows with a lively twist.

For the mouth, KissKiss, the cream lipstick that perfectly reshapes the lips, comes in five fresh shades. Three variations of satiny pink gracefully adorn the lips. Guerlain also created two holographic pastels for highlighter addicts. For the occasion, the lipsticks of the collection are etched with stars and crescent moons.