GUERLAIN | Abeille Royale Cure

A tired face is now no longer inevitable! Guerlain is launching an exceptional cure…

Because women meet a host of challenges and accomplish an incredible number of tasks every day, they deserve to be treated like queens.
Because skin is fragile and is the first to show signs of tiredness, it deserves to be nourished.

For all of those times in life when stress and tiredness are more pronounced, guerlain has formulated an instant solution. Invigorating and revitalising, the queen’s treatment makes women an incredible promise: It vows to reduce signs of tiredness and completely revive the radiance of their face in just seven days.

Because it is the finest product in the hive and the queen bee’s exclusive food, guerlain scientific research took an interest in its cosmetic use and benefits for the skin. This gave rise to an exclusive royal jelly, produced in sologne as part of a dedicated channel, the guarantee of exceptional quality, total traceability and unique efficacy. After four years’ work, for the first time Guerlain research has given this product the highest concentration of Royal Jelly in the abeille royale range. This “highly concentrated” version is the key ingredient in the abeille royale queen’s treatment.

Pleasure of use

The queen’s treatment combines the precious aesthetic of its micro-beads reminiscent of golden caviar with an application inspired by fresh cosmetics.

The precious beads are placed in a little bag using a spatula.
Simply pat it gently over the face to release its contents: the light, invigorating and ultra-fresh texture is almost instantly absorbed by the skin.
Every morning, this new beauty step becomes a prelude to the ritual to come. applied in combination with the queen’s treatment, daily repair serum proves to be more effective on radiance and signs of tiredness.

The women questioned during this study acclaimed the reparative effects of the queen’s treatment in terms of tone and luminosity, and they all also highlighted the pleasure procured by this skincare product.