Mouawad | A journey of passion

For over a century – for 127 years to be exact – the House of Mouawad has sourced the finest gems from around the world, designed its own spectacular jewelry, and manufactured it in its own workshops. Every Mouawad masterpiece tells its own story, commencing with the hand-selection of the diamonds and colored stones.

Then, the artistic journey begins as masterful design gives way to intricate craftsmanship, culminating in a unique artistic statement.One fine example of Mouawad’s longstanding pursuit of timelessly beautiful creations is the Divine Muzo Pears suite. Inspired by a colored stone that has been at the heart of thousands of legends since time immemorial, this masterpiece dazzles the eye with an intense green glow emanating from five pear-shaped Colombian emeralds from Muzo mines.

Another – and quite recent – work of art bearing the name Mouawad is Le Soleil. Just as its name suggests, this masterpiece is just blindingly brilliant, featuring five fancy intense yellow diamonds, and a total of 211.03 carat of fiery white diamonds.
With an unequalled total diamond weight of 429.82 carat, Le Soleil is undoubtedly one of Mouawad’s most valuable creations to date.

After all, the House of Mouawad has always been firmly committed to the authentic traditions of jewelry making, purveying exceptional jewels and rare diamonds. Every piece created by Mouawad is destined to associate the beholder with a bond of admiration and passion. It has to be more beautiful, more brilliant, and more scintillating than any other – all the while offering rarity and timelessness. In the most elegant host of choices, Mouawad jewelry remains today a statement of precise craftsmanship, relentless refinement, and an uncompromising pursuit of perfection.