Last Shiseido cream creation… Just like Japan excels at martial arts, ULTIMUNE will train your skin to better defend itself to be resistant and strong in the long run. It gives your skin its daily “KATA” boost for a smooth, firm and radiant look.

Deeply rooted in Japanese culture, martial arts combine absolute precision with inner strength. They provided the inspiration for Shiseido ULTIMUNE Power Infusing Concentrate beauty gesture. Like a martial arts trainer, this pre-serum stimulates the innate defense mechanisms of your skin – the Langerhans cells –, to help fight external and internal aggressors more effectively.

Skin Self-Defense is born!
Today, Shiseido celebrates this time-honored culture with a new film that breaks with the classic codes of beauty advertising. Modern and refined, the campaign reveals a potent, sleek, highly symbolic imagery in line with the brand’s tradition of blending art and science.

A precise choreography
The campaign is also the story of a meeting between Jacob Sutton, a director who has been filming and transcending movement for many years, and the Japanese artists AyaBambi, whose incredibly precise gestures offer a new, powerful interpretation of martial arts. Through a robotic yet stunningly fluid choreography, the duo revisits the gestures of karate and kung fu. “We obsessively watched karate videos on YouTube before mixing the movements with our own style. It was a beautiful challenge”, AyaBambi declared. The team worked quietly, almost silently, as though they were somehow magically able to anticipate each other’s expectations.

A powerfully hypnotic film
Shot in black and white to underline the perfection of each of the duo’s movements, the video shows AyaBambi dressed in sharp, graphic outfits made of leather and veils, inspired by Japanese samurais. As structured as their strokes of eyeliner, the duo’s costumes come alive as the choreography unfolds, the veils so lightweight they turn into an ethereal mist. After bowing, the two artists engage in a stupefying dance, so perfectly synchronized that each seems to be the mirror-reflection of the other.

An inspiring film that celebrates ULTIMUNE Power Infusing Concentrate and the concept of Skin Self-Defense, but also the innate strength of every woman.