5 Minutes with Katia Charle

Katia Charle has been the creative director at Simone Pérèle for more than 19 years. Inspired by her fine arts background, she infuses each collection with passion and makes art and materials central to her creativity.


Katia, what were your sources of inspiration for the spring-summer 2014 collection?
I really wanted to spotlight women: multifaceted women who are always looking for change… Nowadays, women flirt with fashion. They have to play several roles at the same time, and they really go all out with their contradictions. The “shades of innocence and intrigue” collection pays homage to that.

Which piece stands out the most in this collection?
It’s very difficult to answer that question… It’s tough to choose… It’s like asking a mother to pick her favourite child! Every fashion line has its most emblematic item;
In Inspiration, it’s the memory foam bra;
In Insolence, the embroidered triangle, (available up to an E cup);
In Ingénue it’s the draped triangle bra with a thong suspender belt
In Insomnie it’s the embroidered half cup bra.

With the Inspiration line, you can change the look of the bra by using the different strap sets. Where did you get this great idea?
It came from a happy marriage of marketing and design ideas. Multiple ways of wearing lingerie for multifaceted women… that was a great source of inspiration for the different strap positions and the luxury strap materials: lace, pleating, guipure, etc.

What ties lingerie to fashion?
Lingerie is a part of fashion! Bra and panty shapes are adapted to ready-to-wear, the colours go together, even though everything is not always possible if you want lingerie to stay chic!

What three rules do you set for yourself when you design a collection?
Listen to women, be elegant and creative, aim for soft, unique and precious materials.

How would you define the Simone Pérèle style in just a few words?
That’s very difficult to do… I could spend hours talking about it… If I had to choose three words, I would say creative, elegant, and bold!