La Serre Bistro & Boulangerie is recognised as one of the finest French eateries in Dubai. This Ramadan, as La Serre moves towards celebrating six years of gastronomic excellence, the artistic culinary team is proud to pay homage to the holy month with a unique French twist, with the release of a collection of limited-edition, 24 carat golden ‘Arabesque Macarons d’Or’ and a contrasting 24- carat ‘Croissant d’Or’.

From the sales of these stunningly edible pieces, 75% of the profit will be pledged towards Al Jalila Foundation’s basma Ramadan campaign.

The indulgent gold artisanal creations are hand-crafted in the celebrated La Serre bistro and boulangerie and make perfect appetising delights or gorgeous gifts during the holy celebration. Freshly made every day and available throughout the day, the Macarons D’Or are available in four Arabesque flavours; Saffron, Orange Blossom, Rose & Honey, while the Croissant D’Or is a delicate butter croissant filled a with date and saffron cream and charmingly covered in edible gold dust.

Carlos Santos, Director of Operations at Lincoln Hospitality, the owning company behind La Serre, says: “Macarons are perhaps one of the most cherished French desserts, whilst croissants are the most epitomised culinary gifts from France to the world. Our talented culinary team is excited to create these very traditional French creations elevated with Arabesque influences and flavours in honour of the holy month of Ramadan. We are confident customers will love these significant treats that are made daily using the finest ingredients that patrons of La Serre expect and have come to love. What is more, we are truly delighted to support Al Jalila Foundation’s ‘basma’ programme by raising funds from our golden treats. Ramadan is a time for being open-handed and open-hearted and there can be no greater cause than to support and improve the health and well-being of children for a better future.”