Mon Guerlain | Women Empowerment

In this March Women Month, MissNewzy would like to salute Mon Guerlain since it has has been celebrating modern femininity since its launch in 2017.

The femininity of a free woman filled with strength, audacity and courage.
Femininity that is confident, radiant, happy and serious, complex, singular and proudly multifaceted.
Co-created by Guerlain’s master perfumer, Thierry Wasser, and perfumer Delphine Jelk.

Is an olfactory partition that plays with perfumed notes like accords of femininity.
Fragrance is an identity marker that keeps one firmly rooted in the present, while allowing one to look assuredly to the future.
Femininity takes shape throughout one’s life. It is inconstant evolution.

Behind the scenes

A new advertising campaign visual by Mathieu César turns the spotlight on Angelina Jolie, whose multifaceted femininity never ceases to inspire Guerlain’s perfumer.

Tattoos that attest to past stories, a presence concentrated on the moment, eyes focused on the future… this image expresses the essence of eternal femininity that embraces yesterday, today and tomorrow.

The bottle

Inspired by the iconic quadrilobed bottle designed by Gabriel Guerlain and manufactured by Baccarat.
In 1908, the mon Guerlain bottle brings contrasts Into harmony, like an echo of the many facets of femininity.

The taut lines of the bottle and the roundness of the stopper, density and lightness, the transparency of light through the glass and the pink hue.