Henry Jacques | New Collection of Olfactory Masterpieces

Parisian Haute Parfumier Henry Jacques presents a new variation of its striking Jewellery Collection, with the introduction of novel couture scents. The perfumes have been created to reflect the exquisiteness of the hand-blown crystal flacons, entwined in a beautiful meshwork of fine gold and brought to life by precious stones.

Designed by Creative Director Christophe Tollemer and hand-crafted by an expert Parisian goldsmith,  the flacons are a true piece of art. The pattern of gold which encases each bottle is inspired by a Renaissance painting, reflecting the delicate patterns of an intricate gown and evoking a graceful classicism. The addition of the brilliant gems and the combination of the couture fragrances housed within are a dream come true for those with a passion for Haute Parfumerie.

There are six flacon varieties: two Ruban flacons feature golden lines crossing repeatedly along the crystal curves – accentuated by white or brown diamonds, and four Renaissance bottles offer a richness of extraordinary lacework, set with either Rubelite Toumaline (Pink), Peridot (Light Green), Tourmaline (Pink) and Citrine (Yellow) gemstones.

The Jewellery Collection perfumes – rich in their scent and their colour – enhance the precious stones with their dazzling reflections and possess a unique olfactive charm. Created in the Henry Jacques laboratory in the South of France, the perfumes are made from pure oils extracted from the most precious and exclusive ingredients from all over the world.

Henry Jacques embodies almost half a century of excellence and creativity, and is celebrated around the world by those with a flair for the finest of fragrances. Born of Founder Henry Cremona’s travels, his inexhaustible passion and his wondrous encounter with one of the last great noses of the old French Perfume tradition, the Maison is one of the last family-run perfumeries.

The recently opened Henry Jacques boutique is located on the second floor of the Dubai Mall Fashion Avenue extension.