The House of Artisans | UAE’s Heritage

The House of Artisans, part of the new Al Hosn cultural site, has announced the launch of a special three-month training    programme teaching the skills behind a wide range of traditional Emirati crafts. Run in partnership with Al Ghadeer Crafts, the programme is offering a variety of workshops geared towards individuals and families.

Workshops cover such subjects as traditional Emirati burqa design, Khoos weaving, dyeing natural fibres, Talli(decorative yarn), Sadu weaving, Emirati incense making, Finjan (coffee cup) making, henna production and traditional doll making. The programme also includes workshops inspired by traditional methods, such as ink printing on modern tote bags.

Visitors will participate in this series of workshops, dedicated to the traditions and knowledge passed on by our ancestors through the generations. The House of Artisans provides support to those who  continue to practice traditional crafts, as well as those creating more contemporary products inspired by these practices.

The House of Artisans serves as a focal point for the promotion and preservation of the UAE’s tangible and intangible heritage. The crafts represented in House of Artisans celebrate the creative and artistic relationship developed by our ancestors with natural and local resources. Within the diverse landscapes of the UAE – from the desert, to the oases, to the coast and sea – over the centuries artisans have developed skills to meet functional and economic needs. Passed on from generation to generation, this intangible heritage is part of the shared values associated with Emirati identity.