Bistrot Bagatelle | ‘Rock’s Out’ with Special New Dishes

Rock ’N’ Baga is the brand new concept night at Bistrot Bagatelle and it is having quite a good success!
Hailing from Bagatelle Miami where it was wildly successful, the night is dedicated to timeless hits from the 80’s and 90’s and brings a more casual vibe to the French Bistrot.

The popular French Bistrot goes back to basics every Wednesday night, transforming the venue and giving it a fun, new persona for the evening to be enjoyed alongside the rockin’ music.

 If you haven’t yet tried the fun and flair then these two new special dishes are sure to be what tips you over the edge classics reinterpreted a la Bagatelle!

Specials Dishes

The Rock N Baga Burger & Bagatelle Banana Split have been created to complement the rockin’ new night and can be enjoyed only on a Wednesday…

Slip on the leather pants, grab your friends and join Bagatelle for drinks, bites and rock ‘n’ roll every Wednesday night from 8pm.