LV | Le Jour Se Lève

In 2016, the Maison Louis Vuitton ventured into new creative territory: perfume.
Seven singular fragrance trails came into being. Seven compositions conceived like so many invitations on a journey. Seven concentrates brimming with emotion, composed in Grasse at
Les Fontaines Parfumées, the creative atelier of Jacques Cavallier Belletrud, Louis Vuitton Master Perfumer.

Today, this collection of exquisite perfumes welcomes a new unprecedented creation.
This fragrance radiates luminous optimism. The name of this new olfactory celebration: Le Jour Se Lève.
A new olfactory chapter.

Le Jour Se Lève – Daybreak
It peers over the horizon. Emerging behind mountaintops, filtering through tree branches, skimming along the ocean or a sandy desert, it transforms all it touches. This fresh, raw light, the morning’s first rays, always seems miraculous. As one rises at dawn to embark on new adventures, it’s the waking jolt of optimistic energy.

The essence of the sun’s first rays
While the temperature is still waning and night has barely lifted over a dew-drenched
earth, the sun’s emerging rays begin to warm the skin. In order to capture this passage from shadows into light, Jacques Cavallier Belletrud chose one of his favorite ingredients: the mandarin. A fruit gorged with sun and possessing of an innocence that seems even more faceted than its fragrant cousin, bergamot: “Mandarin is a marvelous citrus fruit because it’s possible to diffuse from it simultaneously the optimism of its flesh, the freshness of the zest and the floral aspect of the tree,” says the perfumer.

A liquid impression of water-laced flowers then envelops the formula, as if a light mist were settling over the jasmine.
A gentle rain stirs magnolia petals, apricot-tinged osmanthus and a subtly tangy blackcurrant accord. Then, like the rays that warm the horizon and illuminate the sky with pastel hues, a chorus of musks gently asserts itself.

Le Jour Se Lève brings a smile to the lips. It inspires its wearer to rise early and set out for new horizons.