ARMANI PRIVE | Collection Terres Précieuses

Armani/Privé Haute Couture fragrances represent the quintessence of the Armani style. They are inspired by the bounty of nature, the history of perfumery, the splendors of the Orient. An olfactory reflection of the tradition of haute couture, an absolute freedom of creation.

Originally created as a gift to Giorgio Armani’s close friends, Armani/Privé Fragrances represent Giorgio Armani’s universe, in a drop.


Captivated by Indian spirituality and mysticism, the landscape, Giorgio Armani dedicates the latest additions to La Collection des Terres Précieuses to India: a duo of fragrances, capturing the designer’s vision of the country’s soul. It is a mythical idea of India that inspires as much as its reality – an Indian dream, a journey spiritual as well as real. This is his invitation, to us, to explore.

The two fragrances, Bleu Turquoise and Bleu Lazuli, are inspired by India’s deep spiritual connection to blue. Representative of power and strength, and also of the universe – the color of both water and vast horizon – blue stands for life. Here, it is represented by two precious stones indigenous to India; turquoise, representing the meeting of sea and sky; and lapis lazuli, redolent of the infinite spirit of the universe.










The bottles of each Armani/Privé Fragrance are an objet d’art in themselves. Minimal in line but opulent in materials, they represent the paradox of Giorgio Armani’s creative vision, where simplicity meets purest luxury. As though carved out of their respective stones, each fragrance is presented in its personal color, accentuated by luxurious gold accents, the bottles striated with markings that evoke the natural gemstones. Like true pieces of turquoise or lapis, each bottle is unique, another example of the fusion of the savoir-faire of haute couture with haute parfumerie and completed with a hand-made cast resin cap.


Bleu Turquoise (Aurelien Guichard, Firmenich) and Bleu Lazuli (Pascal Gaurin, IFF) offer a journey through fragrance – crossing borders, they infuse Italy, the heart of Giorgio Armani’s creativity, with India’s spirit. Interrelated, Bleu Turquoise and Bleu Lazuli are like two facets of the same land – rich, woody.

Infused with key notes drawn from the scent of incense and Indian spice markets, evocative of the country’s fusion of the spiritual with every aspect of life, the perfumes are inspired by another voyage, from darkness into light.

This is achieved through an interplay of ’light’ and ‘dark’ notes. Aurélien Guichard transports dark vanilla via light salt notes – in themselves evocative of the meeting of heaven and ocean. Pascal Gaurin draws the darkness of tobacco into light by maté tea leaves, combined with osmanthus flower to give a rich depth.

Giorgio Armani’s home of Italy is expressed through subtle nuances of pink peppercorn, of bergamot and the salt of the Mediterranean.