LASH YEAR | How to perfect

Remember Twiggy, the first super model in history who changed fashion in the 60s? One of her trademark features were her super-long, distinctive lower eyelashes and the same look is back today with a vengeance. This season, sculpted, permed, over-emphasized lashes make a statement straight from the catwalks. Is there anything more prettifying?

1. Low glow

After years of neglect, lower lashes proudly make a come-back in many shapes and forms: spiked, flipped, painted, glittered, doll-like or extended… the options are endless and a lot of fun. These dramatic lower lashes are an absolute must for a complete Twiggy look and very fashionable doe-eye effect.

Smartly and skillfully used mascara can achieve amazing results with lower lashes: use a small mascara wand head for precise and separated application to get the spiked effect, or an eyeliner brush along with gel liner for painted strokes.

2. Front and center

This year, lashes receive the attention usually due to eyelids: color mascara, glitter tips, painted fringes are just but a few of the ideas now trending in beauty circles. The most astounding variety of funky shades is now available for lashes, from pastels to neons – and this goes for extensions too.

3. Upwards and onwards

Upturned lashes appear much longer than straight ones, and there are various ways to achieve this effect: mascara of course can curl up your eyelashes, but you can also use a lash curler (reasonably and occasionally, as it can damage the lashes), go for an eyelash perm (a semi-permanent treatment that can last up to 3 months) or use extensions, which will also add volume.

4. Painting and sculpting

As much focus is now on lashes, you should catch up on simple techniques to really enhance yours, starting with this basic tip: think of your lashes as sunbursts growing in three different directions, that you will treat accordingly:

· Inner corner of the eye > towards the top of the nose and the start of the brow
· Center lashes > straight up
· Outer corner of the eye > towards the tail of the brow

For upper lashes, lift your face and look down; then wiggle the brush deeply within the roots of your lashes. Roll the wand with your fingers while zigzag slowly up to the tips. This will fully coat the lashes from root to tip while pulling them up and giving them great volume from the root all the way to the tip.

For lower lashes, lower your chin and look up. Apply the wand horizontally at the root, starting from the outside towards the inside. Proceed to apply vertically to separate the lashes.

For actual sculpting and more of a curling effect, go for a precision-tapered brush and use the tip of the want to push each lash up and out instead of just forward.

5. Velvet lashes

This new technique gives your lashes a soft-as-feather feel: start by painting your lashes with colored mascara; then, using a fine brush, apply a colored pigment (either pure or from your eyeshadow powder). You can finish this off by lining your eyes with liquid eyeliner and pressing colored powder into it, for a perfect, velvety Kardashian look.