Bloomingdale’s | Fashion Power

What makes you, you? Individuality cannot be defined by dos and donts, decrees and constraints; to the contrary, it thrives on creativity, expression and ownership. This is what fashion is all about at its core and this is why Bloomingdale’s new Fall/Winter 2017 campaign, ‘The Rules of You’, playfully reasserts its liberating, fun and empowering influence.

Showcasing four strong, identifiable characters – both male and female – the campaign celebrates the various ways people can take ownership of fashion and use it to express who they are as individuals. They’re all artists in their own manner, fearlessly advancing in life to write their own stories.

The Unrestricted is a free soul, represented here as a contemporary dancer whose body is the ultimate art tool. She’s fiercely independent, dedicated as well as in constant motion and change.

The Courageous has a mind as strong as her body. She’s a martial artist, moving smoothly but exuding power and determination. She refuses to follow dictates and formulas and traces her own path.

The Transformer wants to change the world by making it a friendlier, more beautiful place. An idealist street artist, she’s not afraid to experiment and create, turning what’s old and discarded into fresh, vibrant new spaces.

Lastly, the Trailblazer is an explorer, walking through life to the beat of his own drums. He consciously avoids the known trails of life, preferring to get lost in his own adventures, enjoying the thrills of discovery and experimentation.

There’s a little bit of each of these characters in every one of us, and it is up to us to let one or the other blossom and flourish. Bloomigdale’s ‘The Rules of You’ campaign invites us to use fashion as a way to question and unveil who we are and who we want to be.