Opera Gallery Dubai | Pokras Lampas x Fendi

Pokras Lampas, exclusively represented in the Middle East by Opera Gallery Dubai, has done it again with his Fendi collaboration as part of their ‘F is for’ project.

This collaboration further demonstrates the new global era in fashion and art – combining originality and authenticity mixed with a new age approach to engage today’s young, hip global market.

As one of the most distinguished modern calligraphy artists in the world, Pokras’ artworks are quickly making their mark on the global art network as he continues to push the boundaries of calligraphy further than anybody ever has.

Notably, his calligraffiti made a splash on a rooftop in Moscow which set the World Record for the biggest calligraphy artwork globally.

The latest collaboration with Fendi means this Russian born artist, who oozes talent and forward-thinking, signature calligraffity can now be seen from above on the rooftop of the Palazzo della Civiltà Italiana in Rome, in Italy’s largest ever calligraphy work – a perfect mix of history, art and fashion in tune with global trends.

The installation took place over two days, covered an area of 1270sqm and brings the ‘wow’ factor in true signature Pokras style.

Pokras’ latest artworks can be found exclusively in Opera Gallery Dubai in the Middle East.