Montblanc | Homage to Kyoto Artistry

The city of Kyoto has always been the cultural heart of Japan, attracting the finest artists and intellectuals to the ancient city that was home to the Imperial residence from 794 to 1869.  Some of the most important contributions to the artistic and cultural heritage of Japan were conceived in the Thousand-Year Capital from the fine tradition of kimono craftsmanship nurtured by the legendary Chiso Company, to the legendary Noh Theatre tradition and the epic Tale of Genji considered to be the world’s first novel.  Reflecting its commitment to art, literature and culture, Montblanc introduces the Montblanc Homage to Kyoto Artistry Limited Edition 55, a writing instrument dedicated to the pioneering techniques and refined aesthetics of ancient Japan. For the first time in its history, the Maison has brought together two traditions of craftsmanship by collaborating with The Chiso Company on the design of this high artistry masterpiece.

In honour of the centuries-old Chiso tradition and its 460-year history as the sole luxury kimono company, the overall design of the Montblanc Homage to Kyoto Artistry Limited Edition 55 features a specially-created Kimono pattern.  The artistry of Chiso allows its designers to tell the most elaborate stories on silk. Two scenes from the The Tale of Genji, a written by a lady-in-waiting to the Japanese Empress around the year 1000, decorate the limited edition. The cap features the palace and bird from the famous Wakamurasaki scene in the fifth chapter, while the barrel depicts Imperial carts or gosho guruma that accompany Genji through the various stations of his life.

With a limitation number of 55 pieces in reference to the start of the Chiso tradition in 1555, the Montblanc Homage to Kyoto Artistry Limited Edition 55 celebrates the magic and poetry of Japanese art, combining nearly seven centuries of craftsmanship between Maison Montblanc and the revered Chiso Company to create a work of technical and artistic virtuosity.