Nakhla Jewelry | The Test Of Time

With more than 3 decades of artful craftsmanship Nakhla has earned its place in the jewelry arena as one of the region’s most coveted jewelry brands.

Today it is celebrating over 35 years of success since the opening of their showroom in central Cairo. Their creations, each with its very own story, are often passed down from generation to generation standing the test of time. With a devoted clientele spanning various age groups and cultures, Nakhla has stayed true to its authenticity and uniqueness, becoming a valuable addition to many women’s jewelry collections.

The Jewelry

Staying true to the country where the brand was founded, Nakhla recounts Egyptian history through its designs and adopts motifs and symbols associated to past civilizations from the Pharaonic, to the Greco-Roman and Islamic civilizations in its designs. With sources of inspiration from Egypt’s architecture and eye-catching textiles and fabrics, Nakhla’s one-of-a-kind pieces are hand crafted using 21 carats gold; often times incrusted with rich stones.

Only two hundred exceptionally one of a kind pieces are produced every year. If you’re looking for a truly personalized piece, all of Nakhla’s fine jewelry is meticulously handmade. Never losing its value, Nakhla’s jewelry is truly unique in design and empowers whoever it’s worn by.  The pieces are collectables that will certainly add substantial value to any existing jewelry collection.