Celebrating Inspirations and Milestones – La Maison Ebel Collection

La Maison EBEL Limited Edition Beauty shot 2016 EBEL 03

Celebrating the 30th anniversary of Villa Turque La Maison Ebel, Ebel has launched a limited edition collection and we are here to tell you all about it. The Villa is known to be the inspiration for the brand as it was built by the famous architect Le Corbusier in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland. Taking inspiration from the architectural beauty that the house is, the magic inspired the brand to pay a tribute to it.

With EBEL’s characteristic union of artistic refinement and technical precision, the wearer of these fine timepieces is drawn into unprecedented levels of symbolism reminiscent of the love on which La Maison EBEL was founded – the gift of duality bequeathed by its founders, the husband and wife team, Eugène Blum and Alice Lévy.

La Maison EBEL Limited Edition Beauty shot 2016 EBEL 02

Taking most of their inspiration, such as the mother of pearl dial on the watch, from the Oval window of the villa, the designers pay a tribute to the love the brand holds for the house. A hint of the past and an open view of the future, the oval window will always be a symbol for Ebel.

Ebel has produced 75 pieces each of the three different dial expressions of the watch. The first interpretation evokes the initial impression exuded by the wearer and by EBEL in their interaction with the world: an expression of who they are. The second version, featuring an inner oval window set with brilliant-cut diamonds, represents a view into the soul and the treasures of beauty and experience that lie within a powerful symbol of the brand’s strikingly emotional and beautiful heritage. The third variation highlights the emblematic window theme that adopts an outward- looking perspective.

La Maison EBEL Limited Edition Beauty shot 2016 EBEL 01
The limited edition La Miason Ebel is available in 18k white, yellow or pink gold with a watching bracelet with it. You have the option for going for the alligator straps in midnight blue and burgundy as well.  With the Swiss mechanical movement and the beautiful finishing, this ‘monument of time’ is truly the classiest tribute we have seen.