A Perfumed Surprise by Guerlain – Les Délices de Bain

Délices de B ok

Les Délices de Bain is all about sensuality, comfort and beauty. A range that makes you more than ordinary and offers self-care takes a whole new meaning with this range. With musky citrus scent that makes you feel fresh, Guerlain is all about playing games this year around. The perfumers have blended their genius techniques with the smell of fresh fruits and almonds. A mood booster by nature, this line is bound to make you happy. With a Perfumed Shower Gel, Perfumed Body Lotions and Perfumed Deodorant, you’re in for a treat!

Not only have they been giving the line attention to make you smell good, we hear that a trace of one of Guerlain’s perfumes could heighten this experience and have you leave a trail, leaving people asking for more. A little mix and match never hurt anyone and Guerlain has mastered this art!

The Les Délices de Bain bottles take inspiration from the Bee Bottles with their rounded curves and crystalline translucency. The Perfumed Body Lotion & Shower Gel will find their way in your bathroom, set up as beautiful display for your viewing every time you walk in. Let Guerlain be the master of pleasure and give you the best tricks for products that you are bound to get hooked on to.