Thor’swell – A Photographer’s Dream Come True

As promised, we are going to present top picks for vacations that are going to be thrilling to discover. This time around, we would like to introduce Thor’swell in Oregan USA. The name had me interested from the get-go as I am a crazy Thor (the movie) fan and would explore any option one would imagine. A natural place that can be discovered, this unique Well has everything you could want a crazy destination to be like. From the perfect vacation to the perfect scenery, you can have the best of both worlds

The Spouting Horn, another nick name given to the place, has rough rocks that eventually sink into a hole and shoot the water upwards after that. Located in Cape Perpetua, the tide is moderate with strong surf. With the sharp rocks everywhere, it is not always safe to be nearby. The hole is so obvious and deep that it can be seen from a distance as well. This is one of those features of the city that is hidden in plain sight. Therefore, a hole in the ocean seems like it is something out of the ordinary and made up in a comic.

thor 2

A favorite spot for photographers, we have to remind you that it is incredibly dangerous. With the 20 feet deep whole right in the middle, the rush of the water with it coming out in a tide is like a vision only to be believed when seen. Who knows, a mythical God has been doing all the works here.

When speaking realistically, science tells us that these formations are made over a long period of time geologically. Such formations initially start as a sea cave until it collapses and leaves an opening where the tide crashes in and then dramatically shoots upwards.

A gift for a photographer, you have to be able to view the action happening at the ideal time to make the impact of the whole scenario. If you’re on a trip for photography, make sure Thor’swell is your stop too!thor