Celebrating The Blue Book with Tiffany & Co – Getting Lost in Luxury’

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Tiffany & Co have always been the pioneer for creating classics the world will never forget. They recently celebrated their luxury line of jewelry and how it has evolved over the years. The Art of Transformation is their new Blue Book collection that has been taken forward under the creativity of Francesca Amfitheatrof who has taken inspiration from nature and mostly, the ocean.

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The debut of The Blue Book collection was hosted in Manhattan, New York where celebrities like Naomi Watts, Jessica Biel, Reese Witherspoon and others came in wearing the beautiful products.tiffany and co celeb 2


Claiming that this is a journey through nature, Amfitheatrof eloquently described her experiences of creating the collection in means of calmness, transformation and changes. Speaking of evolution and the magic of nature that makes everything all the more beautiful, Amfitheatrof has one wanting to experience this journey too.

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The collection is a result of over 200 diamonds and precious stones. Including 10.25 carat and 2.16 carat yellow diamonds used in rings and 22.11 carat yellow sapphires and white diamonds for the pendants, one can tell what a piece of art this collection is. In addition a triple row necklace decorates with 52.80 carat luxury green and blue stones had us more intrigued. To make it a whole luxury pack, a bib necklace was introduced with over 3000 diamonds as well.

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The Blue Book Collection is now availble at Sayidaty and Al Jamila, Dubai