Most Expensive Furniture Brands That Dominate The Industry


When one speaks of luxury homes and picks, interior décor is a subject not far behind. Where property can be expensive and luxurious according to the location, the interior decoration of the place depends on how the house eventually looks. People have various tastes when it comes to furniture; where some go for elegant Italian designs, some are pro Avant-garde these days. We picked out the 3 most expensive and luxurious brands that are dominating the world of furniture now days. From elegant to modern to comfort, these names offer it all and have earned their respect in the industry today

Edra – A company that has made its impact since 1987, this has got to be among the most famous furniture brands in the world. Known for stylized furniture making and using fresh materials for their products, the elegant and classic furniture by the company is an example of the finest craftsmanship. The furniture makers make sure they keep their elegance and class a part of their making as they keep adjusting to the new styles presented by the year. High quality performance of manufacturing is something Edra promises and excels at.

edra final

Henredon – Existing for over 65 years, Henredon is a name known to every furniture enthusiast who knows and loves modern furniture of the highest quality. Even though they are still the youngest manufacturers of the industry, their classy furniture has left no doubt with their customers. Giving a wide range of options for office accessories as well, their products come with a lifetime guarantee. Henredon is known to be a must-have for those who can afford it as it gives a very modern touch to one’s household. The brand is the ideal go-to for those who believe in getting the finest quality with the modernism that only Henredon can provide


Restoration Hardware- Restoration Hardware has gained its popularity in the short time it has been around in the industry. Known to provide comfortable and highly unique designs, the company also excels in textiles, lighting and high end décor. Using high quality raw materials, this company has timeless furniture that has its own contemporary yet classic feel to it. Still gaining popularity, Restoration Hardware has earned its name on this list because of the comfort it offers with luxury


It can be a joy to set up your house and experience your own sense of styling and these brands are among the 3 most expensive and luxurious ones in the world today. Where one can only point towards options, it all depends on a person’s personal lifestyle and taste in order to see what type of furniture they would be more inclined to buy. Where luxury has no limits, these brands have made it to become a few favorites for many in the luxury market today. After all, taste is a luxury of its own.