The dress code for sublime skin

Guerlain and women have a long-standing love story. Over 180 years in tune with their expectations and emotions, to celebrate their beauty and enable them to reveal and enhance it.

When several days seem to be crammed into one and the pace of life never slows down, when the passing hours are full of unpredictability, being certain that your complexion looks its best should not be optional. Today’s women are modern Cinderellas who want to enhance their beauty with an impeccable allure and flawless skin. They want a complexion shaped
by the most flattering attire, to live their life, emotions and dreams without doubting for a minute that they are as beautiful as can be, even beyond the stroke of midnight. They want a foundation that stays true, that they can count on in any situation life throws at them. A foundation that accompanies them like a jewel, revealing their ideal beauty without ever letting them down.



Tenue de Perfection has met the challenge of withstanding the whirlwind of life. Imperceptible on application due to its incredibly fine and silky smooth texture, its powers are gradually revealed. First of all, the complexion becomes even, the skin texture refined and imperfections fade away. Then, you discover an utterly soft, velvety feel. As the hours go by, you become
aware of its incredible hold. The complexion remains intact, the colour does not change, and the skin breathes and glows without losing its splendour.

[toggle title=”Timeproof foundation: 16-hour lasting hold”]A velvety skin texture, an enhanced complexion and imperfections blurred: Guerlain has created its most cutting-edge foundation to grant women’s deepest desire – flawless skin
for hours. Unfailing perfection that does not compromise on comfort and lightness, as renouncing this sensory pleasure and imperceptibility would be unthinkable on the quest for the ideal.
Tenue de Perfection is a fine emulsion that fuses and binds with the skin and is forgotten. It is in such osmosis with the epidermis that you would barely suspect its presence, yet the skin is much more beautiful with than without it. Delivering coverage and correction, it reveals the skin at its most beautiful, without ever falling into the trap of a mask effect. The skin is
naturally sublime.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Tailor-made application:”]Shake before use. Apply to the face with the fingertips and spread from the centre outwards and towards the neck until the desired coverage is achieved. For precise application and a light finish, choose application with a brush in horizontal movements from the centre of the face outwards.[/toggle]