Extraordinary Orchidée Impériale Saga

Following on from the Cream, the firstborn in the line and the universal star with its fine, silky smooth texture, two new textures, THE ULTRA-LIGHT, SATIN-SOFT FLUID AND NOURISHING, GENEROUS RICH CREAM, have been meticulously formulated to provide a tailor-made solution to every expectation.


Light and silky. more freshness, hydration and radiance.

Humidity, warmth; certain skin types shun any sensation likely to weigh them down and dull their glow. Guerlain set itself the challenge of delivering all of Gold Orchid Technology’s power of longevity in a light and invisible, ultrafresh texture that refines the skin’s surface and brightens the complexion day after day.

[toggle title=”EXQUISITE FRESHNESS”]Rarely has such age-defying force played it so cool. Subtly seductive, this skincare appears ultra-light, yet delivers ultra-effective action, its fresh and silky fluid texture instantly quenching the skin’s thirst.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”INVISIBLE AND IMPERCEPTIBLE”]On the fingers and on the skin. It offers an astonishing sensation from the moment of application: the fluid glides over the skin, as light as a feather, as gentle as the lightest emulsion, as evanescent as a toner. Quickly applied and absorbed, it vanishes in an instant, invisible and impalpable.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”RETEXTURISING AND REFINING”]However, a specific mesh of gelling agents goes to work, like an ultra-fine retexturising film on the skin’s surface, continuous and persistent, filling in any unevenness and protecting it against external aggressors. In addition to Gold Orchid Technology, the exfoliating and regenerating properties of a lemon extract* help to smooth and restore the finesse of the skin’s texture with repeated applications, enhancing the radiance of the complexion.[/toggle]


Generous and melt-away. more density, nutrition and suppleness.

Over time, the loss of skin lipids is normal. However, depending on circumstances, skin that is fine or weakened by harsh climate factors becomes particularly dry. It needs a nourishing boost to restore its comfort, suppleness and elasticity. The Guerlain formulators have successfully incorporated Gold Orchid Technology’s powers of longevity into a texture that is rich yet discreet, ultra-nourishing yet melt-away, generous yet so silky smooth that it becomes impalpable.

[toggle title=”RICH YET DISCREET“]The Rich Cream distinguishes itself from the moment it is picked up on the fingers. On the warmth of the skin, its dense and generous consistency softens and glides over the skin with astonishing smoothness, a foretaste for the user of the silky comfort that it will provide. Its secret? Evanescent lipids that create a fine, even surface film that is immediately invisible and free from unflattering shine. This “rich yet discreet finish” is a real technological feat from Guerlain, remarkable progress in the world of nutritional cosmetics.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”ULTRA-NOURISHING WITH AN IMMEDIATE PLUMPING EFFECT”]A trio of wonderfully emollient and nourishing plant ingredients looks to reinforce the quality of the intercellular
cement, soften and protect the skin:

  • RICE WAX, rich in fatty acids, to nourish and revitalise skin lacking in nutrients;
  • ORCHID OIL, produced from a black orchid, to soften the tissue and recreate a protective film on the skin’s surface;
  • ORCHID BUTTER, a subtle and intensely nourishing blend of an extract of orchid flowers and natural lipids, helps to reconstruct the intercellular cement and make up for deficiencies in dry skin.[/toggle]

At any time or age in her life, every woman can therefore confidently have “her” Orchidée Impériale cream.
Even very young women (25 years old), an increasing number of whom are looking for global skincare to combat the first signs of ageing, will benefit from a tailor-made texture enriched with Gold Orchid Technology’s extraordinary age-defying performance.