Do you know Madame?

Madame is an icon. Paris holds a special place in her heart and fashion is in her DNA . Madame is a seductress. She drives everyone wild, as they all try to catch her eye. Madame is provocative. Her lips are delicious. Glossy and sensual, with a sweep of bewitching colour… They’re all we see! Madame is captivating. We glimpse her flawless skin and radiant complexion. Madame
is mysterious. She only discloses what she wants in an intriguing double game, in which she veils her eyes all the better to reveal them. Stirring and fascinating, her gaze is luminous, intense and incredibly on-trend!

Her asset? The ultimate accessory for femininity at its height. The veil, reinvented by Guerlain. Graphic and stylised, it is the guiding thread of this collection and the inspiration for the season’s make-up pieces.


Rouge G de Guerlain
Exceptional Complete Lip Colour – Limited Edition

Her Rouge G? She simply adores it. Because, you see, Madame wants nothing less than perfection! Just for her, Guerlain has reinvented the jewel created by Olivier Échaudemaison and designed by Lorenz Bäumer. Adorned in a screen-printed dotted Swiss veil, this object of desire is more stylish than ever.

[toggle title=”A stunning formula…”]Ruby powder for vibrant luminosity, highly concentrated pure pigments for intense colour, hyaluronic acid spheres for ultimate hydration… The lips are perfectly plumped up, coated in the most precious of colours.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Three exclusive shades”]Her favourite?
Madame Batifole, a luminous fuchsia that is also available in the Gloss d’Enfer and Colour Lacquer lines.
She wears it on its own for sophisticated coverage or layers its matching gloss on top for an alluringly sensual look. She loves it so much that she works her seduction down to her fingertips, creating one of the chicest twinsets of the season.[/toggle]



Madame Rougit
4-Colours Blush – Limited Edition

Come close to Madame and you are sure to fall under the charm of her fresh and radiant complexion. Her weapon of mass seduction is a lacquered black case with a magnetic closure that is the envy of all. An intriguing powder is reflected in the lid’s large mirror: four luminous stripes of colour, swept with a metallic white dotted Swiss veil.

[toggle title=”Pale pink to illuminate the cheekbones.”]Coral for a peachy complexion. Beige to create a velvety skin texture. A raspberry tone for fresh cheeks.
Madame chooses her make-up to match her mood: For a natural effect, she mixes the four colours and applies them evenly over her cheekbones. For a sophisticated effect, she applies the darkest shade in the hollow of her cheeks and then blends the lightest shades, applying them to the curved area along the top of her cheekbones.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Tailored to all skin tones”]This soft and light, delicately violet-scented pressed powder is applied using the integrated brush and slips into an elegant suedette pouch with coral topstitching to match one of the powder’s four shades.[/toggle]